Jeffrey Demaree

Area Representative


Can you achieve both your financial and social goals?
Dreams of financial independence remain just that for most people- dreams. Owning your own business is proven to be the most efficient and effective way to turn those dreams into reality. But we also want to be good people, spending our energy in ways that improves our community and leaves the world a better place. Always Best Care has honed a sophisticated and industry leading formula to assist you in achieving both your financial and social goals. We work with vulnerable members of society, primarily the elderly and veterans, in a way that is caring, moral, and profitable.

LOCAL OPPORTUNITY- Exit the rat race here!
Always Best Care has a number of territories available throughout Central and Southwest Ohio.

These territories provide a protected potential referral base- unlike other models our franchisees work with each other, not against each other.

Always Best Care has the ideal service offering for Ohio’s ‘Middle America’ demographics. Few locations in the country offer as rich an opportunity to serve the care and companionship needs of the community. Prime territories are available in the urban centers of Cincinnati, Columbus and Dayton; our model also works well in our rural counties.

While single territories covering a population between 200,000 and 250,000 are readily affordable, a popular development strategy to grow your new business is through the ownership of multiple territories. Owning two or three territories allows you to achieve economies of scale by covering a large area through one fully staffed office, and a satellite office, if needed.

LOCAL SUPPORT – A key to our success
Always Best Care's team of more than 30 Area Representatives are positioned to help the franchisees with support and assistance in marketing, operations, networking and any other issues that might arise. Instead of relying on support teams that could be thousands of miles away, Always Best Care's Area Representative for Central and Southwestern Ohio, Jeffrey Demaree, is no more than a two hour drive from all of his franchises. Mr. Demaree is himself a successful small business owner who holds both a social work qualification and the MBA. He is not your boss, and not your employer, but he is there to help you achieve your goals.

THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS- Enjoy the advantages of autonomy and a team
One of the strengths of the Always Best Care model is that you can enjoy the financial and professional advantages of being self-employed, while still being part of a team. The Area Representative is responsible for ensuring that any new franchisees are not only highly skilled and competent, but also excellent team members.

We have regular regional, statewide, and nationwide meetings to ensure that best practices are shared (and mistakes are not repeated). Our founder and CEO Michael Newman likes to say: "None of us is smarter than all of us.” We use our collective knowledge fully to our advantage.

Contact us to learn more about why we are the fastest growing franchise in the fastest growing sector of the American economy.

Jeffrey Demaree

Area Representative:

Ohio-Cincinnati, Columbus & Dayton