Always the Best Systems for ABC Franchisees!The ABC "Virtual Office" system is completely web-based and can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection. Always Best Care franchises benefit from real time quality control that serves our customers at the highest standard in the industry, seamlessly tied to billing, payroll and accounting.

Franchise Management System...

The hub of your back-office operation is Always Best Care's comprehensive franchise management system called ABC Universe, which helps you manage your business both efficiently and effectively. The ABC Universe is also used not only for communications, training and support, but also to recognize and applaud franchisees who have attained milestones in their businesses or who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to their communities and clients.

Within ABC Universe you’ll find all the tools and materials necessary to operate your business. For example, within just one single section of (the "Digital Library”), you’ll find the following …

  • Advisory Board
    Information relevant to the Always Best Care Advisory Board
  • Always in Touch
    Always in Touch program information, volunteer information and forms
  • Area Representative
    Information that is relevant to the position of the Always Best Care Area Representative, including training, supporting documents, and operational materials.
  • Briggs Manuals
    Briggs Manuals - information to help franchise owners with the development of policies and procedures.
  • Business Planning and Managing
    Information to help franchise owners and area representative develop and manage plans for their business.
  • Club ABC
    Club ABC gives franchise owners an opportunity to measure their revenue against their peers as well as how to benchmark themselves against their individual overall revenue growth.
  • Community Databases
    Databases containing community information for residential care facilities, assisted livings communities, memory care facilities, and independent living communities. You can sort through the databases and upload the information into your contact manager.
  • Employee Management
    Documents and tools needed to recruit, hire, retain, and manage employees including training and measurement resources
  • Franchise Support Webinars
    Recorded webinars franchisees can view at their own pace, on their own schedule
  • Healthcare Reform
    Healthcare reform legislation and information
  • In-Home Care
    Pertinent information needed to implement in-home care in an Always Best Care franchise territory
  • Insurance for Franchisees
    Insurance information and forms
  • Philips Lifeline & Med Dispenser Service
    Information pertaining to Philips Lifeline & Medical Dispenser Service
  • Marketing & Advertising
    Marketing & advertising tools, ideas and documents
  • Monday Morning Motivators
    Monday Morning Motivators with ideas, information, suggestions and reports on franchisees throughout the country
  • National Contracts
    Information on all Always Best Care National Contracts including home care, referral agreements, and strategic partnership
  • Franchise Operations Manual
    An operations manual that includes the general responsibilities for the start-up management of an Always Best Care Franchise
  • Start Of Care Packets
    Documents needed to implement a Start of Care with a Client
  • Software Manuals
    Software manuals, including Fuse mail, Santrax and Soneto, FranConnect and Quickbooks
  • State Specific Documents
    Information needed to understand and secure home care licensing in states that mandate this requirement
  • Territory Resales
    Information regarding territory resale opportunities
  • Veterans Affairs
    All pertinent documents needed to implement a program with the VA in your area