One of the greatest benefits of a franchise system is the availability of proven programs and techniques to help you build your business and give you a competitive advantage.

When you join Always Best Care, our Franchise Operations Trainers and Area Representatives will work with you during an extensive twelve-week training program. The Always Best Care training program focuses on the operational activities of setting up, managing, and marketing your in-home care and assisted living placement services.

Always Best Care has a proven, successful training and support system that combines both corporate and local services through our Area Representative support system. Your local Area Representative is based near you, and provides on-the-spot coaching, mentoring and business-building advice that’s invaluable to both new and experienced franchisees. Area Representatives are joined by Franchise Operations Trainers in providing both initial and ongoing training and support, including field training in your local marketing area.

The powerful combination of corporate and local support enables you to navigate a clear and proven path as an Always Best Care franchise owner. We provide ongoing strategic planning, communications and team building, all at a local level. Combined with low entry costs (Always Best Care was named one of the Top Low Cost Franchises by Franchise Business Review and one of the 25 Most Affordable Franchises by Black Enterprise magazine), Always Best Care franchise support provides definite advantage for people seeking a low cost business opportunity.

Our award-winning national marketing and advertising builds brand awareness and helps lower the cost of sales for Always Best Care franchisees. In addition, we generate leads that are distributed to franchise offices at a local level. As an Always Best Care franchisee, you truly experience the concept of "Think globally, act locally," as we produce plans, programs and materials that can be picked-up and used locally with minimal modifications. Such programs have included the Free ABC Rx discount cards, which save consumers up to 65 percent off the cost of their prescription drugs at more than 65,000 pharmacies across the country, Philips Lifeline Emergency Medical Alert Systems, our exclusive Veterans Assistance program, which helps franchisees provide veterans and surviving spouses not only with the care they need but the funds to pay for their care, and others.

Expert guidance in obtaining your license...

Every state has its own unique rules and requirements regarding licensure.

To help launch your business as quickly and smoothly as possible, we provide all the necessary contacts at each state level as well as access to the nation's top health care licensure consultants to advise you on the most cost effective and time efficient procedures for acquiring your license and launching your business.

At the same time, Always Best Care franchisees can begin generating revenue even before their licensing process is complete by concentrating on independent and assisting living placement services (which do not require any licensing). This added revenue stream not only provides a way for new franchisees to produce immediate revenue, but also helps them establish and build relationships with their key referral sources.


A wife's hospitalization increased her husband's chances of dying within a month by 35%, according to a report in the New England Journal of Medicine.
The same report stated a husband's hospitalization boosted his wife's mortality risk by 44%.
Extreme stress can take as much as 10 years off a family caregiver's life (Economic Value of Informal Caregiving).

Here's just a sampling of the support you'll receive with Always Best Care